Traditional Assessment and Scoring Key Grading Form Essay

Traditional Assessment and Scoring Key Grading Form Shaun Stillwell MAED/535 October 15, 2012 Shaitaisha Winston Traditional Assessment Baderman Island Resort needs to offer training opportunities for employee advancement. The goal is to provide all employees a chance to learn more about other positions they may be interested in for the future and retaining employees. The Assessment Name:____________________________ Date______________________ Department________________________ 1.

What position would you like to learn more about at Baderman Island Resort, and why? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What tools are best for your learning retention? • Audio • Visual • Lecture • PowerPoint 3. Do you prefer online training, an instructor, or on the job training? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.

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Are you able to understand and read English? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. What computer skills do you have? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Baderman Island Resort will offer a chance to job shadow any position you are interested in learning more about. Which position do you see yourself in next? What steps are you taking to ensure this happens? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Explain a time when excellent customer service was difficult and why___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. How much time are you willing to invest for a promotion and training? ___________________________________________________________________ 9. Explain a conflict issue you had with a co-worker or a guest and how the conflict was resolved. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. What type of training do you have already and what training are you planning on for your future? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11.

When you work in a department, how do you see your co-workers? • As a friend • Team player • Partner • Competition 12. What type of events have you worked for Baderman Island Resort? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 13. I am dedicated to the completion of my work. • True • False 14. The response from other people on my concepts is important to me. • True • False 15. I value the input and contribution that other people make around me. True • False 16. I lead by example. • True • False 17. I offer solutions to problems. • True • False 18. I am detail oriented and enjoy challenging work. • True • False 19. Time is a valuable resource at my disposal. • True • False 20. All decisions should be made quickly. • True • False 21. Do you feel satisfied with the supervisors and trainers at Baderman Island Resort? • Yes • No 22. Do you feel the training courses prepare you for your position? • Yes • No 23. Do you feel career placement opportunities are realistic? • Yes • No 24.

What is the best learning experience you have had at Baderman Island Resort? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 25. What changes or improvements will you introduce to improve knowledge and communication within your department and others? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 26. What is your least favorite activity? ____________________________________________________________________