If I Were a Boy Essay

The creative person Beyonce has a antic music picture. directed by Jake Nava. He is best known for his Anti-gun run music picture ; he besides attended University of Westminister. It is about a miss who put herself in a cat places. This peculiar vocal portrays an R & A ; B genre. Beyonce is shown as a female constabulary officer collaring a grown. black male who looks to be from an destitute country. This frequently times suggests R & A ; B ; nevertheless. both Beyonce and the male featured in the picture appear to be clean cut and good presented. They besides show the couple’s nice flat. and the cat is shown giving Beyonce an expensive-looking brace of earrings. Based on this information. one can presume that this music is non R & A ; B. it’s dad.

The intent of this picture was to foreground the misinterpretation between genders. The subject of function reversal was used. Beyonce was shown in the places of a adult male. She treated her adult male the manner your stereotyped male would handle a female. Men don’t take the clip to sit down and eat breakfast together. as shown in the picture ; they tend to worry more about work. intoxicant and other adult females. Beyonce illustrates the feeling of work forces coming and traveling. ever presuming that when they do in fact come home their miss will be right at that place waiting for them. She proves that point incorrect when she says “you lose the 1 you wanted because you’ve taken her for granted” . A individual can merely take so much before they decide to walk off. Aside from what had antecedently been mentioned it is noted that there is a really strong relationship between the wordss and the ocular. The manner Beyonce acts towards her adult male in the picture is much the same as she describes it through her words. She shows distance and selfishness. She puts herself foremost. which is what she feels most cats do. This picture portrays their intimacy. but besides her reluctance to be treated ill. At this point. viewing audiences are able to feel her.

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confusion: she seems tired of the state of affairs. tired of her adult male invariably coming and traveling. It about seems as if its clip for her to do a determination. judgement twenty-four hours. The functions are all of a sudden flipped and everything Begins to do sense. However. if you pay close attending you besides begin to recognize that the record company is seeking to make multiple things with this vocal. You can state that the record company is non merely seeking to sell the path but the creative person as good. A huge bulk of Beyonce’s vocals have leaned more towards the R & A ; B genre. all vocals that could be played at a party and do a unrecorded ambiance whereas this vocal is deeper and more heartfelt. This vocal is looking to catch peoples attending in a different manner. she wants people to associate. The record company tries to sell her as a diverse creative person. and was seeking to turn out that she is capable of put to deathing multiple signifiers of music. Overall. this vocal is about a female who feels as if work forces have it easier. about like they can state and make things that adult female can non make within a relationship without confronting effects. Beyonce feels a adult male wouldn’t stick around if they were treated like a female. They wouldn’t have the forbearance nor would they continue to do an attempt. This song/video jazz band was good executed and served a clear intent. Some adult females feel a man’s place is easier to carry through. but who is to state that some work forces don’t experience that manner about adult females? It would be really interesting to see a male version of this music picture.