Advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research Essay

This essay will ab initio show the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research and briefly quantitative research. It will so travel on to review a qualitative research article yet due to the word count merely several factors of this will be critiqued and the article is by Wills’ et Al ( 2005 ) . Later it will see the usage of the research paper within the clinical pattern country ; and discourse whether the consequences are good to the nursing profession. The deductions for attention bringing will be addressed and eventually a decision will be given which will include recommendations for future pattern through research.

There are two signifiers of research methods and these are qualitative and quantitative ; there are many advantages and disadvantages for utilizing them to garner information ; yet depending on the reply to be found this determines the research attack used. Some advantages of utilizing qualitative research are that it can supply an in-depth apprehension of behavior. a description of people’s sentiments and it can research feelings. all of these are through communication and observing ( Parahoo. 2006 ) . Qualitative research is flexible and quantitative research is selected or constructed prior to the data point being gathered ( Parahoo. 2006 ) . Disadvantages of qualitative research are they are dearly-won and clip consuming.

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The attack used in this research was a grounded theory which is

Qualitative research ( QR ) is the method of enquiry that seeks to understand societal phenomena within the context of the participants’ positions and experiences. The research methods of QR are more flexible. responsive. and unfastened to contextual reading than in quantitative research. which uses stock list. questionnaire. or numerical informations to pull decision ( Merriam. … . ) .

In order to review this article a figure of the research factors will be addressed. the first being the credibleness of the writers. The article does non province the occupation descriptions of the research workers nevertheless it does province where they work within Universities that conduct research. With their occupation description non being mentioned it is possible that the research workers are non qualified to carry on research or if they are it is unknown how they where trained and Polit & A ; Beck ( …. ) suggest that research workers should hold equal preparation in order to carry on dependable research.

The rubric of the research survey says that is about immature peoples perceptual experiences of their ain organic structures and that of others and it states that it is a qualitative survey nevertheless through the survey it talks about kids from socioeconomically disadvantaged countries and this should hold been mentioned in the rubric as it is a immense portion of their findings that more fleshy kids live inside these countries.

Sampling of where corpulent kids live was obtained from a reputable source…… .

A little sample size was used which is considered necessary for a qualitative attack. and it besides contained the same sum of male childs as misss which would of give the research overall richer data……… .

The aggregation of informations is indispensable as this is where ……

In the initial questionnaire given to the kids they were asked assorted inquiries about their sociodemographic information ; one of which was how do they comprehend their organic structure to be excessively fat. excessively thin or approximately right. Further on into the information about the informations aggregation the research states that when the kids were interviewed the interviewer did non utilize value-laden words which they say for illustration are fat and large. This contradicts what was originally stated in the informations aggregation as the word fat was in the initial showing questionnaire. It may hold introduced the kids to that term although possibly non deliberately. This can be seen as a prejudice to how the research information was found.

Height and weight measurings were besides taken to set up a Body Mass Index ( BMI ) for the kids and a little minority of misss chose non to take portion as they were dying about being weighed in school ( Wills et al. 2005 ) . it does non nevertheless say if the anxiousnesss expressed by the misss were addressed and intercession for it given.

The interviews were conducted by the writer and this can be seen as doing it more dependable as there would be no confusion as to misunderstanding from another interviewer. All interviews were tape recorded which is utile for the interviewer to analyze the information. nevertheless notes where non taken and if the tape recording equipment was lost or broken so there would be no information gained from that interview.

Questions that deal with in-depth descriptions are best conducted from a flexible design and unstructured method of informations aggregation ( Polit & A ; Hungler ) .

A non-directive method was used for the interviews which enabled new positions to emerge for illustration intimidation and exercising and Parahoo ( 2006 ) strengthens this by stating that carry oning qualitative research can let participants to set responses into context and this will emerge with new informations and it is called holistic geographic expedition. Through new positions emerging it can give suggestions for future research subjects based around fleshiness and this is an advantage to this research.

Datas Analysis

It is non possible to cognize the research workers body weights and it may be considered that could their weight have affected the children’s remarks. If a quantitative research method was used so it may hold been able to reply the inquiry of why are these kids overweight.

Pseudonym names were given as to protect the individuality of the kids and decontextualised informations was conducted to guarantee persons could non be identified…… .

During the initial deliberation of the kids some misss experienced anxiousness and there was no coverage of any intercession or follow up attention for the girls………

However what was highly utile about the research was……… .

This article could be valuable in altering pattern as it has enabled a start point for farther research to be conducted ; this is relevant as the United Kingdom’s populations are going more fleshy and this can hold serious wellness deductions.

Consent was given from the kids and besides obtained from their parents which is indispensable when research is being conducted on kids. There are two types of consent and they are informed consent and consent……

Decision and recommendations for future pattern

It can be said that both quantitative and qualitative research have both advantages and disadvantages nevertheless this is merely determined by people knocking the work of others.